Regarding Abiogenesis, YEC apologists and Evolutionists should all agree that such a thing as Abiogenesis happened because if it didn’t then where did we and all the other Earth life come from?  How did we and it get here alive?  The only differences of opinion should be how life arose from non-life (abiogenesis) not whether it happened.  Theists claim God did it.  Evolutionary Biologists work on learning how it might have happened naturally.  But, there should be no argument about whether it happened.

Even if Science determines that Abiogenesis happened naturally, who’s to say the “natural” way it happened wasn’t just the way God did it, from a theistic perspective?

Theists do great damage to their own cause when they use such God of the gaps arguments as insisting Scientific theories of how things happened are false just because Science doesn’t use the word God. 


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