Does (An Evolutionary) God Exist?

The benefits to Christian Apologetics of denying Young Earth Creationism (YEC) – and conceiving of God as an emergent manifestation in human consciousness of the billions of years of ancestors all the way back to Abiogenesis – far outweigh the drawbacks.  The apologetics of YEC are confused and contradictory.  Evolutionary Apologetics promise to resolve much if not all of the confusion and contradictions that make the usual Christian Apologetics seem irrational to objective skeptical observers.

There seems little chance of Science claiming absolute certainty about anything anytime soon, humble as Science is.  But, the Evolutionary Biology and 4-dimensional Space-Time Physics upon which my Evolutionary Apologetics are based are at least as certain as almost anything derived from ancient scripture.  Truth is truth.  Don’t let the virtuous humility of scientists before Truth and the vicious deception and false certainty of YEC apologists fool you into choosing YEC over Science.

The Devil’s greatest success was not, in my humble opinion, convincing the world he doesn’t exist.  It was convincing the founders of YEC that Evolution is false.  Accepting Evolution, as it seems, is THE key to true knowledge and understanding of and relationship with the True Living God of Evolutionary Apologetics.  To understand Science is to believe it.  Without further ado, “Does (an Evolutionary conception of ) God Exist?”

There is an important distinction to be made between weak and strong Atheism.  Theism answers “Yes” to “Does (a particular) God exist?”.  Weak Atheism considers there to be insufficient evidence to answer “Yes”, but it doesn’t answer “No” either.  Weak Atheism remains open to new evidence that might make it answer “Yes.”  Finally, strong Atheism considers the evidence or lack thereof sufficient to believe that such a God does NOT exist.  A strong Atheist goes that extra step and answers “No” to the question of whether (a particular conception of) God exists.

In the early days of Christianity, Christians were accused of being atheists because they didn’t believe in the established polytheistic gods.  It seems a pretty safe bet that everyone is a weak Atheist with respect to all the gods they never heard of.  It is sometimes joked that even rocks and other non-sentient objects can be considered weak Atheists with respect to all gods, since they lack belief (in anything).  LOL.  Don’t underestimate the necessity of weak Atheism at times.  Even most Christians, I would guess, are weak if not strong Atheists with respect to the many gods of competing religions.

I am newly a Theist with respect to (an Evolutionary) God conceived of as the totality of All Life on Earth from Abiogenesis onward.  (I believe it exists).  I have been and remain a weak Atheist with respect to the God conceived, as in the classical cosmological arguments, as some sort of immaterial, timeless, human-like Mind-without-a-brain that pre-existed the Big Bang itself.  Such conceptions seem to me to be so far-fetched and grasping-at-straws that I am inclined to even be a strong Atheist with respect to such conceptions of God.  I expect to remain so, until someone explains, for example, how something even anything like a human brain could even be immaterial, let alone the rest of it. How could something pre-existing the Big Bang be considered a LIVING God, as we define Life on Earth?

The Evolutionary God I propose is composed of nothing but living things.  It includes many many billions of human and human-like brains.  It is eternal not because it always existed, but because the Past will always exist (according to my best understanding of mainly Einstein’s Theories of Relativity).  It far pre-existed the first organisms that we might consider human, including the authors of the Bible, by billions of years.

It is understandable that pre-scientific theologians might have mistaken this living God that pre-existed them by billions of years for One that pre-existed what they believed to be the entire universe.  We can now correct their understandable and forgivable mistake in the light of Modern Science and Evolutionary Theology.  From a Scientific perspective, there can be very little doubt that this God of Evolutionary Apologetics does exist.  Still, many skeptics might well still question whether we should consider it a God of the Bible or worship It.  I see this shift of the main open question about God from His existence to relationship with Him as clear progress for the Christian mission.

In conclusion, we’ve proposed a conception of a Living God whose existence is undeniable to anyone who understands the scientific consensus of Abiogenesis, Evolution and some basic Physics.  Such a thing, if we consider it God, surely does exist.

There remain many questions to be considered such as whether and how such a God can interact with the living.  Can consciousness somehow transcend Time in both directions?  How well does such a God fare with respect to the classical Godly attributes of Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnibenevolence?  I hope to start a dialog between Religion and Science about these and many more related questions.

It seems I’ve made progress with my observations that in 4-dimensional Space-Time, I, you and every living thing at all times since Abiogenesis are connected all the way back to that First of All Life on Earth.  And that First of All Life on Earth is connected forward to not just all life now living, but also to all life that ever lived on Earth.

As an example of how this might facilitate thinking about the idea that believers have a relationship with Jesus Christ, let’s consider that, if Jesus actually lived, He’s connected to this Evolutionary Living God and still lives in the Past.  The now-living might connect with Him via a connection to Him through the branches of the Evolutionary Tree of Life by first connecting through their parents and parents’ parents all the way back to the first common ancestor they share with Mary and then forward to Mary and finally through Mary to Jesus.  This is highly speculative.  It’s unclear whether Consciousness can do that, but it seems at least plausible in terms of Physics, because of the physical continuity of the connection in 4 dimensions.

Even if Jesus Christ is entirely legendary, there is still a way of rationalizing Christian relationship to Him by the doctrine that “the Church is the body of Christ” and perhaps Christ exists in reality as a function of the interconnected consciousnesses of all Christians perhaps either at a given time or for as long as there have been Christians.  (In my childhood Christian education, “the (Christian) Church” was defined for me as “the collection of all believers in Christ.”

I hope my basically skeptical outlook has not been too offensive to anyone.  I look forward to what I hope will be a more amicable and rational basis for conversation between skeptical atheists and more scientifically-literate theists in their debates about the existence of God.


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