Has Science Found God?

The answer to this pressing question depends entirely on how one defines the word God.

Many Christian apologists seem so determined to learn nothing about God from Science that they define God right out of Scientific existence by insisting He pre-existed the Big Bang.

I would like to suggest that Science has found God by another name.  “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  (Shakespeare).

In Scientific terms, I define the Christian God as the emergent manifestation in individual consciousness of each human’s entire Evolutionary ancestry, from conception all the way back billions of years to the beginning of all Life on Earth at what Science calls Abiogenesis.  The Scientific basis and evidence of God’s existence in the life of each individual is in their DNA, etc..

Each distinct human culture has its own language and terminology and habits and rituals for relating to and with the Source of wordless wisdom in the billions of years of ancestors common to all humans and known in the Bible as God.

Furthermore, according to Physics, it may be that, contrary to the natural impression that only The Present Moment exists, Space and Time are really 4-dimensional Space-Time in which all of the Past all the way back to the Big Bang continues to exist.  In 4-dimensional Space-Time, all of your and my ancestors are still alive and living in this Eternal Past.  This could explain the possibility of Heaven as more of a “pre-death” than an “after-life” where and when we can see all our friends and loved ones again when we’ve died.

I expect I’ll be expanding on some of this in future posts.  Please comment with any questions or comments.


3 thoughts on “Has Science Found God?

  1. I just discovered your blog and will follow it. I consider myself an evolutionary Christian and am in the process of setting up my own blog. Being a retired minister of the Christian faith I have always been a seeker of Truth and with many twists and turns my journey has led to an evolutionary perspective being the most inclusive and open to the future. I have found Ken Wilber’s Integral philosophy helpful although I can’t really read him; but I do read people who read him and interpret his perspective for me.


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