Regarding Abiogenesis, YEC apologists and Evolutionists should all agree that such a thing as Abiogenesis happened because if it didn’t then where did we and all the other Earth life come from?  How did we and it get here alive?  The only differences of opinion should be how life arose from non-life (abiogenesis) not whether it happened.  Theists claim God did it.  Evolutionary Biologists work on learning how it might have happened naturally.  But, there should be no argument about whether it happened.

Even if Science determines that Abiogenesis happened naturally, who’s to say the “natural” way it happened wasn’t just the way God did it, from a theistic perspective?

Theists do great damage to their own cause when they use such God of the gaps arguments as insisting Scientific theories of how things happened are false just because Science doesn’t use the word God. 


The Kalam Cosmological Argument Adapted to The Origin of a Living God

I have been considering and exploring the possibility that the personal Living God originates within the totality of “All Life On Earth in 4 Dimensions” (hereafter ALOE4D).  This seems to make better sense of what theology I know than that He originated outside of and before the beginning of the Big Bang universe.  I’m NOT necessarily denying that something about this ALOE4D God might have reached back to the beginning and played a role in creating both this universe and Itself.  I’m also NOT necessarily denying that this ALOE4D might in limited ways “guide” Its own and our Evolution.

I’m suggesting that the existence of ALOE4D in everyone living’s Eternal Past might explain some of the mystery of the elements of subjectivity we commonly refer to as spiritual and/or supernatural.  I’m suggesting that the perception of God by believers is not perception of something “outside” in the vast realms of Outer Space, but is rather perception of something seemingly deep within our minds as they connect to the very deep Eternal Past.  That we humans perceive God as personal can be explained by the fact that we connect to It through our human ancestors, who were and are human persons.  This also explains, perhaps, why God appears different to different people.

The family of cosmological arguments for the existence of God represent the misconception (as I see it) that God originated outside and before the Big Bang universe.  In general, these arguments claim that there has to be a First Cause of the universe and that that First Cause is God.  As an example, I’ll present the famous Kalam Cosmological Argument (KCA) as popularized and defended by William Lane Craig and as described in the Wikipedia article for “Kalam cosmological argument”.  I’ll attempt to show how the idea of a First Cause of everything that ever happened in the cosmos is questionable.  I’ll argue, on the other hand, that the idea of a First Parent of All Life on Earth makes perfect sense in the context of the origin of the ALOE4D God and simply leads to the conclusion that Abiogenesis (the production of Life from non-Life) happened on Earth.

The Kalam Cosmological Argument (KCA):

Premise 1.1:  Whatever begins to exist has a cause;

Premise 1.2:  The universe began to exist;


Conclusion 1:  The universe has a cause.

From the conclusion of the first syllogism, Craig constructs a second based upon an ontological analysis of the properties of the cause:

Premise 2.1:  The universe has a cause;

Premise 2.2:  If the universe has a cause, then an uncaused, personal Creator of the universe exists, who sans the universe is beginningless, changeless, immaterial, timeless, spaceless and enormously powerful;


Conclusion 2:  An uncaused, personal Creator of the universe exists, who sans the universe is beginningless, changeless, immaterial, timeless, spaceless and enormously powerful.

Even if we agree that the universe has a cause (which is a matter of Physics and is in nowise certain), the second syllogism and the KCA fail, in my opinion, due to the failure of Premise 2.2.  The “uncaused personal Creator”  is invented out of nothing and given attributes we have no reason to think anything that actually exists could have.  For a more detailed refutation of the KCA, I recommend the many excellent ones on YouTube.  My purpose here and now is not to refute it, but to show how much better it works in the context of the origin of ALOE4D than in the context of the origin of the universe:

Let’s transform the syllogisms by replacing the concept of “existence” with that of “living” and that of “cause” with that of “parent”.  We might call it:

The Kalam Biological Argument (KBA):

Premise 2.1.1:  Whatever begins to live has a parent(s).  (approximately the Law of Biogenesis).

Premise 2.1.2:  All Life On Earth in 4D (ALOE4D) began to live.  (ALOE4D is alive.)


Conclusion 2.1:  ALOE4D has a parent(s).

Continuing with the second syllogism:

Premise 2.2.1:  ALOE4D has a parent(s).

Premise 2.2.2:  If ALOE4D has a parent(s), then that(those) “parent(s)” must have been inanimate matter.  (Abiogenesis).


Conclusion 2.2:  The ultimate parent(s) of ALOE4D was(were) “inanimate” matter, “animated” only by the inanimate laws of Physics, Chemistry, etc. – proving Abiogenesis.

Right off the bat, Premise 2.1.1, that all living things have a parent(s) is more relatable to human experience of reality than the questionable corresponding premise of the KCA that everything that begins to exist has a cause.  It’s almost as if the author of the KCA was projecting the Law of Biogenesis (that applies only to life) upon the universe as a whole – albeit an understandable mistake.

The KBA leads smoothly and clearly to the conclusion of the second syllogism that there must have been an origin of Life on Earth from non-living matter (Abiogenesis).  There is no appeal to impossibly timeless, spaceless and immaterial entities of whose existence we can’t even conceive.  The whole new argument remains within the known universe and indeed within the context of planet Earth and its environs – which are incidentally all of the universe of which the author(s) of Genesis was(were) aware.

This to me is evidence that a Living God conceived as something to do with ALOE4D makes better sense of theology than a God conceived as some strange entity alien to not only Earth and Earth Life but also to even basics of existence in this universe like materiality, time and space.

While this might seem to some to diminish God’s grandeur, it actually promises to resolve confusion.  For example, it seems to explain and resolve the classical Logical Problem of Evil by explaining God’s lack of absolute, infinite and perfect omnipotence, omniscience and omnibenevolence.  This ALOE4D God might not, for example, have power over the laws of Physics and Chemistry, etc. that gave It life.

The ALOE4D monotheistic God can be identified as the immediate product of Abiogenesis and all of that product’s descendants, in 4 dimensions.  As such, we might well credit It with a share of every accomplishment of every living thing.  Ever.  This seems to fit a definition of “omnipotent” that is less than absolute, perfect and infinite, but that is still meaningful.

In principle, It exists in 4 dimensions from Abiogenesis several billion years ago until the “Lake of Fire” of the Sun expanding and consuming the Earth several billion years from now.  This makes it ultimately mortal.

At any given time, such as our Present, It may not know everything that will ever be known by any possible future Earth Life.  Still, it seems It may “know” everything known so far by any of the living things It comprises.  This defines a kind of “omniscience” that is, like Its omnipotence, less than absolute, perfect and infinite, but still meaningful.

Its influence is “present” in all Its descendants and thus It can be considered omnipresent in the living (and in the Eternal Past “afterlives” of all that ever lived).  As a kind of superorganism composed of all living things throughout time, It can be expected to be “omnibenevolent” to all Life on Earth, just as organisms like us might love and care about our children or, for that matter, the organs of which we’re composed.

In summary:  Translated from the KCA’s context of the origin of the universe to the context of the origin of life, the Kalam Biological Argument proves Abiogenesis to be the “First Parent” of all Life on Earth.  God conceived of as ALOE4D qualifies to be considered omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent, but not absolutely, perfectly or infinitely so.  That Its omnipotence, omniscience and omnibenevolence are relative and not absolutely “perfect” saves this (ALOE4D) God from the criticisms of the classical Logical Problem of Evil.  This Theodicy (answer to the Problem of Evil) follows naturally from our conception of this God as ultimately finite, mortal and imperfect.  This incidentally gives all of us and It some things in common.

4D SpaceTime Physics: Defining Eternal Life, Afterlife and Soul

Eternal Life, as I now conceive of it, has nothing to do with never dying.  Everything that lives dies.  Or so it seems.  It seems every life is incomplete until death completes it.  Even the human race as a whole, which can be considered more (relatively) immortal than any individual human member, is mortal in the sense that all its descendants might go extinct a million or a billion years from now.  Even All Life on Earth as a whole, which is even more relatively immortal than the human race or any individual species, will as far as we know go extinct several billion years from now when the Sun expands to consume the Earth in a very hot “Lake of Fire”.  Still, that’s not going to happen for several billion years!  Don’t let it ruin your day!

Eternal Life, to me, is like the promise that “You will never have never lived.”  Nor, for that matter, will any living or once-living life on Earth or even on other planets ever have never lived.  Thus, “Eternity” as I define it has less to do with endless passage of Time and more to do with the permanence of the Past in 4D (3D space + 1D time) SpaceTime.  It’s kind of like Time is vertical and Eternity is horizontal.  The Eternal Past is like a deep bedrock laid down layer by layer by the passage of time.  It’s a direct consequence of the fact, if it is a fact, that the Past will always exist, that the Past doesn’t cease to exist when the Present moment leaves it behind.

According to this definition, all life on Earth has Eternal Life because all life is Eternal, because Eternity is not as much a quality of life itself as it is a quality of the inanimate matter and energy and space and time underlying and supporting the complex Chemistry of Life.  At every Present moment, The Eternal Past, all the way back to the Big Bang, will never have never happened and continues to exist.  Or so it seems.

In the living human world, the human race exists in the Present as the collection of all living (3D) human bodies.  In 4 dimensions (including time), every living member of the human race is connected to the 4D network of all human beings who ever lived through its parents and their parents and their parents and so on as far as the most recent common ancestors of all living human beings (Adam and Eve) and beyond.  “Adam and Eve” (living in the Past) are in turn connected through their parents to the rest of the Earthly 4D Tree of Life (aka (an Evolutionary) God) all the way to Abiogenesis (the beginning of all life on Earth).  All ancestors of “Adam and Eve”, are of course common ancestors of all living humans, because “Adam and Eve” are.

A 4D understanding of the Eternal Past gives new meaning to the ideas of an Afterlife and Heaven.  It seems to be not such a far reach to believe that our consciousness at death might be freed from its attachment by the laws of Thermodynamics to the ever moving Present moment.  The substance and reality of one’s Afterlife might just be the countless moments of one’s lifetime in which one was conscious, right up to the moment of death, all preserved in the Eternal Past.

As for Hell and punishment and promoting Morality, the Afterlife will include copies of EVERY moment of our lives – the worst as well as the best – which seems reason enough to try to be virtuous (whatever that means to us) while we live.  Everything in our lives is as permanent in the Eternal Past as the Eternal Past is permanent.

Perhaps the “soul” is to the 4D human brain as the mind is thought to relate to the 3D brain.  The human brain exists from birth in four dimensions and none of the laws of Particle Physics I know contradicts the reversibility of time.  An electron moving forward in time is equivalent to a positron (an anti-electron) moving backward.  It seems not so far-fetched that some kind of interaction might be possible from/to a later part of my connected 4D human brain to/from an earlier part of the same 4D brain.  I admit this is highly speculative, but it is the same brain and it seems that such an ability, were it physically possible, might be selected for survival by Evolution.

In summary, I’ve suggested all Life is Eternal if the Past is.  The Afterlife might be how we experience our lives preserved in the Eternal Past, after we die in the Present.  It seems there may be many different possible ancestral “gods”, but the presumable singularity of Abiogenesis suggests there is one and only one true ancestor and God of all life on Earth both now and for all time.  The elusive soul might best be understood as the 4D human brain, connected from birth to death through the fourth dimension of time.

As always, I am prepared to discuss these ideas and respond to constructive criticism in the comments below.

Does (An Evolutionary) God Exist?

The benefits to Christian Apologetics of denying Young Earth Creationism (YEC) – and conceiving of God as an emergent manifestation in human consciousness of the billions of years of ancestors all the way back to Abiogenesis – far outweigh the drawbacks.  The apologetics of YEC are confused and contradictory.  Evolutionary Apologetics promise to resolve much if not all of the confusion and contradictions that make the usual Christian Apologetics seem irrational to objective skeptical observers.

There seems little chance of Science claiming absolute certainty about anything anytime soon, humble as Science is.  But, the Evolutionary Biology and 4-dimensional Space-Time Physics upon which my Evolutionary Apologetics are based are at least as certain as almost anything derived from ancient scripture.  Truth is truth.  Don’t let the virtuous humility of scientists before Truth and the vicious deception and false certainty of YEC apologists fool you into choosing YEC over Science.

The Devil’s greatest success was not, in my humble opinion, convincing the world he doesn’t exist.  It was convincing the founders of YEC that Evolution is false.  Accepting Evolution, as it seems, is THE key to true knowledge and understanding of and relationship with the True Living God of Evolutionary Apologetics.  To understand Science is to believe it.  Without further ado, “Does (an Evolutionary conception of ) God Exist?”

There is an important distinction to be made between weak and strong Atheism.  Theism answers “Yes” to “Does (a particular) God exist?”.  Weak Atheism considers there to be insufficient evidence to answer “Yes”, but it doesn’t answer “No” either.  Weak Atheism remains open to new evidence that might make it answer “Yes.”  Finally, strong Atheism considers the evidence or lack thereof sufficient to believe that such a God does NOT exist.  A strong Atheist goes that extra step and answers “No” to the question of whether (a particular conception of) God exists.

In the early days of Christianity, Christians were accused of being atheists because they didn’t believe in the established polytheistic gods.  It seems a pretty safe bet that everyone is a weak Atheist with respect to all the gods they never heard of.  It is sometimes joked that even rocks and other non-sentient objects can be considered weak Atheists with respect to all gods, since they lack belief (in anything).  LOL.  Don’t underestimate the necessity of weak Atheism at times.  Even most Christians, I would guess, are weak if not strong Atheists with respect to the many gods of competing religions.

I am newly a Theist with respect to (an Evolutionary) God conceived of as the totality of All Life on Earth from Abiogenesis onward.  (I believe it exists).  I have been and remain a weak Atheist with respect to the God conceived, as in the classical cosmological arguments, as some sort of immaterial, timeless, human-like Mind-without-a-brain that pre-existed the Big Bang itself.  Such conceptions seem to me to be so far-fetched and grasping-at-straws that I am inclined to even be a strong Atheist with respect to such conceptions of God.  I expect to remain so, until someone explains, for example, how something even anything like a human brain could even be immaterial, let alone the rest of it. How could something pre-existing the Big Bang be considered a LIVING God, as we define Life on Earth?

The Evolutionary God I propose is composed of nothing but living things.  It includes many many billions of human and human-like brains.  It is eternal not because it always existed, but because the Past will always exist (according to my best understanding of mainly Einstein’s Theories of Relativity).  It far pre-existed the first organisms that we might consider human, including the authors of the Bible, by billions of years.

It is understandable that pre-scientific theologians might have mistaken this living God that pre-existed them by billions of years for One that pre-existed what they believed to be the entire universe.  We can now correct their understandable and forgivable mistake in the light of Modern Science and Evolutionary Theology.  From a Scientific perspective, there can be very little doubt that this God of Evolutionary Apologetics does exist.  Still, many skeptics might well still question whether we should consider it a God of the Bible or worship It.  I see this shift of the main open question about God from His existence to relationship with Him as clear progress for the Christian mission.

In conclusion, we’ve proposed a conception of a Living God whose existence is undeniable to anyone who understands the scientific consensus of Abiogenesis, Evolution and some basic Physics.  Such a thing, if we consider it God, surely does exist.

There remain many questions to be considered such as whether and how such a God can interact with the living.  Can consciousness somehow transcend Time in both directions?  How well does such a God fare with respect to the classical Godly attributes of Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnibenevolence?  I hope to start a dialog between Religion and Science about these and many more related questions.

It seems I’ve made progress with my observations that in 4-dimensional Space-Time, I, you and every living thing at all times since Abiogenesis are connected all the way back to that First of All Life on Earth.  And that First of All Life on Earth is connected forward to not just all life now living, but also to all life that ever lived on Earth.

As an example of how this might facilitate thinking about the idea that believers have a relationship with Jesus Christ, let’s consider that, if Jesus actually lived, He’s connected to this Evolutionary Living God and still lives in the Past.  The now-living might connect with Him via a connection to Him through the branches of the Evolutionary Tree of Life by first connecting through their parents and parents’ parents all the way back to the first common ancestor they share with Mary and then forward to Mary and finally through Mary to Jesus.  This is highly speculative.  It’s unclear whether Consciousness can do that, but it seems at least plausible in terms of Physics, because of the physical continuity of the connection in 4 dimensions.

Even if Jesus Christ is entirely legendary, there is still a way of rationalizing Christian relationship to Him by the doctrine that “the Church is the body of Christ” and perhaps Christ exists in reality as a function of the interconnected consciousnesses of all Christians perhaps either at a given time or for as long as there have been Christians.  (In my childhood Christian education, “the (Christian) Church” was defined for me as “the collection of all believers in Christ.”

I hope my basically skeptical outlook has not been too offensive to anyone.  I look forward to what I hope will be a more amicable and rational basis for conversation between skeptical atheists and more scientifically-literate theists in their debates about the existence of God.

Has Science Found God?

The answer to this pressing question depends entirely on how one defines the word God.

Many Christian apologists seem so determined to learn nothing about God from Science that they define God right out of Scientific existence by insisting He pre-existed the Big Bang.

I would like to suggest that Science has found God by another name.  “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  (Shakespeare).

In Scientific terms, I define the Christian God as the emergent manifestation in individual consciousness of each human’s entire Evolutionary ancestry, from conception all the way back billions of years to the beginning of all Life on Earth at what Science calls Abiogenesis.  The Scientific basis and evidence of God’s existence in the life of each individual is in their DNA, etc..

Each distinct human culture has its own language and terminology and habits and rituals for relating to and with the Source of wordless wisdom in the billions of years of ancestors common to all humans and known in the Bible as God.

Furthermore, according to Physics, it may be that, contrary to the natural impression that only The Present Moment exists, Space and Time are really 4-dimensional Space-Time in which all of the Past all the way back to the Big Bang continues to exist.  In 4-dimensional Space-Time, all of your and my ancestors are still alive and living in this Eternal Past.  This could explain the possibility of Heaven as more of a “pre-death” than an “after-life” where and when we can see all our friends and loved ones again when we’ve died.

I expect I’ll be expanding on some of this in future posts.  Please comment with any questions or comments.